Walking Tour - Climb the Oldehove  
Visit the Oldehove: climb and descent. Try not to get too dizzy... Locals can get wed at this height, if they feel the need...

If you start your city tour by climbing the leaning tower, Oldehove, you can enjoy a beautiful overview of the entire city.  The Oldehove (a tower that’s missing its top) has been the beacon of Leeuwarden for centuries. 
Its height of about 40 meters was once considered extreme but is dwarfed nowadays by the office giants of Avero and Achmea (in the city center) at respectively 75 and 114 meters tall. 

Ancient Firefighters watchtower headquarters The Leaning Tower The conceiled narrow hallway to the bells of the tower

At one time the architect had plans to build higher than the Dom Tower in Utrecht. But something went amiss during the construction of the Oldehove’s foundation that thwarted these original plans. 

To eliminate any risk, the Oldehove was given a very wide base and additional support of eight unussally heavy buttresses. It did not help.
When only ten metres high, the tower started leaning in the north-westerly direction.

Details from the Oldehove Tower

In the opinion of experts the great weight of the staircase with its 127 sandstone steps, build against the north-west buttres, caused the sinking.
Then the construction was halted, leaving the Leeuwarder citizens with a not very towering tower. Just 40 metres high, with a conspicuous tilt.  Now the tower not only leans, but it's crooked as well.


The oldest clock in the Oldehove used to hang in the 'Nieuwetoren' (demolished in 1884) in Leeuwarden.  In 1914 this big clock was moved, but it didn't fit into another church and that's why it was hung in the Oldehove-tower.
The view from the platform on top is very good! When standing there and seeing the busy city just underneath you, you will be inspired by the beautiful sights!

The Oldehove Tower is open to the public from May up to September: 183 stairs to be conquered.
Enjoy the view. Experience the steep climb, it's worth it!
 Tuesday - Saturday 14- 17 uur,  entryfee €2,= / children €1,=

Please take notice of this: Secret inscriptions of the tower's builders - You can enlarge this picture for a better view EXTRA PHOTO, more details seen - You can enlarge this picture for a better view And there the were seated - firefighters city checkpoint - You can enlarge this picture for a better view Unfortunately you can't visit this part of the tower... but WE can! - You can enlarge this picture for a better view
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