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Check out the city from the comfort of your own chair

Leeuwarden has a city center with canals and mounds (man-made hills) dating from the middle ages.  Old store fronts and beautifully restored monuments adorn the city.  
Examples of these include the Oldehove a large slanted tower and the Waag an old weighing station in the middle of town.   
A walking tour through the city center is more than a trip around old buildings.  This city has remarkable canals and small streets, cozy shops and interesting museums. Great for a first visit and also for those who've lived in Leeuwarden for years...check out the city from the comfort of your own chair.

A Day Out in Leeuwarden

A day strolling through the streets of the capital of the Province of Friesland has many high points. Get to know the past and the present.
We begin our trip at the Oldehove Parking Garage where you can park your car and head out on foot.

Water travelers and Train travelers

If you come into Leeuwarden by boat, seek out a spot in the Prinsentuin (Prince's Garden).
Train passengers should get off at Leeuwarden Central Station (the only train stop in the city) and begin their tour on page 7/15.
On the bottom of this page we present further travel information.

Walking Tour Leeuwarden: See Google Maps  Also available in print

Many old streets in the innercity do have wonderous names...

This City Tour gives you an impression of all the beauty that Leeuwarden has to offer. 
The text on these pages is also available in a print version at the bottom of the page to download. 
So you can visit our city at your own tempo and get to know the city in your own personal way.

Before you set out: Make a Choice.

You can also click on the photos at the bottom of this page for more information for your visit to Leeuwarden, by car, boat or by train.

At the bottom of each of page of the City Tour you will find 4 small photos. You can click on these to make them bigger.
This way you can have a better view of different streets and buildings in Leeuwarden.

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