Walking Tour 7/15
Go and visit the central hall at the Train station (NS) Springtime in Leeuwarden at the square next to the train station

The train station is the next stop.  The west wing of the station was renovated a few years ago.  Old rooms were torn down and the shops in this wing were modernized. 
Normally the station hall is something that you would run through without a thought.  But if you take the time to look up, you’ll see beautiful tile mosaics and stained-glass designs adorning these high interior walls.  Even if you don’t travel by train, take a look inside, it’s definitely worth it. 

Sophialaan - domain of insurance companies, law firms, notaries... People who came by train can now join us Just like a gigantic UFO, main building Friesland Bank, seen from the Oldehove-Tower

For those who came by train, you can start here and join us on our city walk.  But don’t forget to go back to page one, otherwise you’ll miss the first half of this city tour. 

The old main office of Friesland Bank with its beautiful cast-iron bars in the windows is still here.  
Other buildings in the surrounding area were torn down to make space for a special glass dome that reminds us of the album sleeve “War of the Worlds”.  
Just like a gigantic UFO it sticks its head out over and above the city.  This new main office of the regional bank is a daring design.

The city recently began to realize a museum harbor situated on the Willemskade.  Here is where the historical ships are docked and future plans for more ships exist. 
When we cross over the Zuiderplein and walk towards the futuristic Blokhuisbrug we arrive at the old prison.  Now void of personnel and criminals, it is completely empty.  It no longer meets to the housing codes for prisons.   
The Blokhuispoort is a nationally recognized monument.  Although probably empty for the next several years to come, there are few new plans for the building.
It is going to be renovated and the former prison cells might be used by artists as studios.  Crooks behind bars cannot be found there anymore.

Public Library - You can enlarge this picture for a better view Zuidergrachtswal - Canal at night  - You can enlarge this picture for a better view City centre seen from a distance at the Eerste Kanaalbrug - You can enlarge this picture for a better view Blokhuisbrug and former prison Blokhuispoort - You can enlarge this picture for a better view
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