Walking Tour 3/15
Centre of local nightlife. Restaurants, pubs and discos. The old weighing station/house holds a restaurant

To the north side of Nieuwestad, there are many cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos all along the sunny side of the street.  An example is Fire, a discothèque housed in the refurbished old fire station. 
The Cinema and Tivoli film theatres have been recently renovated and now house nine movie screens each. Also on the Nieuwestad and its adjoining streets are many different pubs and snack bars. 
Starting in the spring and continuing through the summer evenings you will find these streets full of people strolling along the canals.  Many of these restaurants have terraces with available tables. 
Please note: a coffeeshop in Leeuwarden means they sell a little stronger stuff than coffee.

Nieuwesteeg - a nostalgic shop

Nostalgia in the Nieuwesteeg

Mighty symbol. This Lion is to be found at the WAAG

The Nieuwesteeg (also known to the locals as the Museum Street) looks as though time has stood still. 
Thanks to a few successful initiatives, Leeuwarden now has a nostalgic shop run by volunteers where you can drink a cup of coffee or tea and relive the times of “Ot en Sien”
(characters from children’s stories written during the late 1800’s). 

Searching for a lion. The text hints to a famous Dutch song of the 1970's

The Waag (old weighing station/house) at the end of the busiest shopping street in Leeuwarden houses a restaurant.  On the south side of this monument is the most frequently used ATM in the Netherlands.  Behind this monument you can walk over a small bridge to the other side of the water. 
Hidden between a couple of trees lays is an inheritance from the darker side of modern society.  Here is a monument to reflect upon, it is a symbol of the problems facing of our society today.
After pausing to remember what happened here, it’s time to continue.

Restaurants, shops and the famous WAAG, they all look different from the canal point of view - You can enlarge this picture for a better view Romantic summer evening at the Nieuwestad - You can enlarge this picture for a better view Monument in rememberance of a local victim of senseless violence- You can enlarge this picture for a better view Enjoy a trip on a real "PRAAM" - You can enlarge this picture for a better view